Portable mCAMLITE Turns Your iPhone Into a Versatile Video Camera

ImageThe mCAMLITE turns your iPhone into a top-level video camera (Images: Action Life Media)

Yes, you can use your iPhone as a more than decent video camera, but if you want to get better, more professional results, wrap it in an mCAMLITE.

Made from aircraft-grade billet aluminum, the mCAMLITE not only protects your iPhone when climbing on rocks to get the perfect angle, but it gives it the weight and heft you need to stabilize your hands while shooting.
And because the pros don’t just use one standard lens when pushing for the perfect shot, the kit comes with two 37mm interchangeable lenses: a wide angle for capturing everything you want in the scene, and a macro when you want to get up close and personal. Together, they give you the chance to get shots that are downright impossible with the iPhone’s lens.

Since the best videos have sound, the mCAMLITE comes with a 180-degree external microphone, allowing you to capture directional sound and reduce ambient noise, so your YouTube fans can hear every note of your keyboard-playing cat…

The mCAMLITE’s housing is designed with consideration of your growth as an auteur. It has mounts on top and bottom for accessories and tripods, and has a cold shoe on top for pro quality mics and lights. They even offer a pair of action carts so you can slide your cam along to get smooth action shots. So as you get better and demand more from your cam, the mCAMLITE can oblige.

At only $159.95 it’s the perfect starter kit for any visionary filmmaker (or photographer), to add to their portfolio without spending a fortune. Don’t quote me on this, but I think this is how Scorsese got started…

‘Iron Brigade’ (X360) Coming To PC, Soon ‎| Iron Brigade

Double Fine’s Iron Brigade might have slipped under your radar. Released a little more than a year ago to rave reviews, it was originally called Trenched and exclusive to the Xbox. This week, Doublefine announced the imminent launch of a PC version — a lucky second chance for anyone who missed this excellent and chaotic action tower defense the first time around. But before I give an unconditional recommendation, I’m going to take a good, hard look at the PC port and find out if it takes full advantage of the platform, or if it’s a sloppy console-to-pc kludge. Here we go:



Though the installation via Steam is quick and straightforward, I was quickly confronted by the fact that Iron Brigade uses the always-odious Games For Windows Live. I’m not too surprised, as this was originally an Xbox Live Arcade game, but the ol’ “sign in, reg key, Games for Windows Live Update, restart game, sign in again, reg key again” routine never ceases to frustrate.

Graphics Settings

Check, check, check, and check.

Getting into the settings panel, it’s immediately apparent that the Iron Brigade port isn’t a hack job. Graphics settings include the standard resolution and brightness settings, as well as a small selection of advanced options, such as antialiasing, SSAO (ambient occlusion), and bloom. Of course you’re not getting the same level of customization as you’d get in a bigger game, but that would be overkill anyway here. The graphics in Iron Brigade are hardly cutting-edge, and most gamers won’t need to worry about any setting other than “maximum.”

Other Setting

Can it be? FOV?

Outside of the graphics options, Iron Brigade includes options generally considered a “must” for PC games, including mouse sensitivity, plus one that’s become a luxury these days: a field-of-view setting. There’s not a lot to see in the audio settings beyond your basic volume sliders, which is fair enough, since the voice acting doesn’t quite warrant a 7.1 Dolby Surround option, anyway.


This quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog just fine.

The keyboard and mouse controls in Iron Brigade are fully re-mappable, though you’re limited to the standard keys and three mouse buttons, so any extra buttons on that gaming mouse of yours are going to be dead weight. As you’d expect, it’s fully compatible with a USB Xbox 360 controller, but if you go that route you’re locked into the default button mapping (which, in fairness, works quite well).


It doesn’t take much for IB to look its best.

As previously mentioned, the graphics in Iron Brigade aren’t anything to write home about. What it lacks in technical wizardry it makes up for in character, and looks fine in motion, but it’s just not designed to push your graphics hardware. As such, I was able to play it on a three-year-old gaming laptop at max settings with great framerate, and I’d expect that any gamer with a computer built this side of 2008 will be able to do the same.


Just try not to switch off the power.

Saving in Iron Brigade is handled with a standard console autosave system. It’s hardly ideal, but given the mission-based progression, I didn’t find this to be a problem.


What’s that? I can’t hear you over the sound of GFWL sucking.

Iron Brigade single-player is a good time, but it’s at its chaotic best when you play cooperatively with three friends — and that’s where you have to deal with Games for Windows Live. If you want to drop into a public game you’ll have to use a console-style, no-frills matchmaker, which lacks even basic filtering options. I’d prefer to see a matchmaker with some more control or — gasp! — a server browser, but at least this does what it says it does.


Although Iron Brigade doesn’t offer 100% of the features we like to see in a PC port, it comes pretty close, and none of the omissions are too egregious. Considering its excellent reception on consoles and competent transfer to PC, it’s a go for any interested tower-defense players (who can stomach the GFWL baggage) when it comes out on Monday.

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spain eliminated at Olympics

Opposed to a team from Honduras who seemed yet to reach them on paper, the Spaniards were unable to overcome their opponent this Sunday (0-1), in the second match of Group D Olympics, and are thus eliminated from the competition to everyone’s surprise after two defeats in as many matches.

Sensation this Sunday evening at Newcastle. Archi-favorite against a team from Honduras who had surprised everyone against Morocco (1-1) in their first match in the 2012 Olympics, Spain has never been able to return after the opener Early Jerry Bengtson (7th), well served by Roger Espinoza.

An absolute lack of success This is conducted at the Roja score that began the second half of the match. But after the break, that is another problem that confronted them when Juan Mataand others: the lack of success. Four is the number of times that the Spaniards have affected the amount over the last forty-five minutes. After Roger Espinoza…

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nexus 7 tablet

It appears that  Google will fail to recover the investment made to create Nexus 7 Tablet.

Technicians website UBM TechInsights set about dismantling one of the tablets Google recently and, taking into account the cost to manufacture these devices, along with the cost of components has been deduced that Google does not have great profits from the sale Nexus 7 .

Taking the possible price of manufacturing along with the cost of which is selling the product, it certainly achieved enough that Nexus 7 represent significant gains for Google.

It is estimated that the revenue that Google could have for each Nexus 7 8GB sold is around $ 15 approximately, whereas the 16GB model would be about $ 55 – both amounts will be reduced, considering that Google will have to pay a percentage of those profits to Asus , the company responsible for developing and manufacturing these tablets.


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The Sony Xperia P And Its Sibling The Sony Xperia Z


After the launch of Xperia and Go Z, Sony, with the Xperia Z . Now that the smart phone family intends to expand the terminal benefits
Sony Xperia range of options on the market and has chosen to reinvent itself. This summer, the summer may be the Xperia, and the smart phone to launch the first to take part in the recent leaks.
According to the recent development of the Mobile World Congress, Sony Xperia with Z 1.5 GHz and dual-core processor has a 4.3 inch screen. All this is accompanied by a 12-megapixel camera, and employees today as expected, Android 4.0 operating system is upgraded.
However, the Sony Xperia Sony Z to Xperia Z continuously to expand to other terminals, smart phones provide a new family will participate in the competition for high-end smartphones market A throw a lot of advantages.
Rate Lumia regular presentations so far only in the terminal, you cruel war, and their son, the Nokia 610 Nokia Lumia release, may appear. House of the sale of more than 2.2 million smartphones in the market, Nokia has led in recent months.Check this on twitter

Google doodle with a Howard Carter remembered

ImageNEW DELHI: Search engine giant Google has a doodle on his website presented today at the birthday of Howard Carter, the archaeologist was an English Egyptologist and celebrate. He’s famous for his discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, a significant contribution to his art.

The Doodle displays Carter stood amid the ancient artifacts unearthed from the grave of Tutankhamun, and inspected his work.

Howard (9 May 1874 – March 2, 1939), was born in London, the son of a talented artist who encouraged him to follow in his footsteps.

In 1891, Howard was taken to Egypt by the Egypt Exploration Fund, go as an assistant to Percy Newberry in the excavation and recording act of the Middle Kingdom tombs at Beni Hassan.

At an early age Howard had an inquisitive mind and was able to copy the old grave decorations. Through his interest in the ancient grave decorations, 1894-1899 Howard worked with Edouard Naville at Deir el-Bahari, and drew the wall reliefs in the temple of Hatshepsut.

His work was recognized and supported, and in 1899 he was appointed the first Chief Inspector of the Egyptian Antiquities Service (EAS).

In his career he has supervised several excavations, but it was on 4 November 1922 that he finally found the trail leading to the grave of Tutankhamun, who will be one of the best preserved and best-preserved Pharaonic grave to be found today in the Valley of the Kings.

In his career he has supervised several excavations, but it was on 4 November 1922 that he finally found the trail leading to the grave of Tutankhamun, who will be one of the best preserved and best-preserved Pharaonic grave to be found today in the Valley of the Kings. He then, with the support of George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, researched the gold and ebony treasures that are also considered an amazing archaeological discovery.

He spent the next several months to catalog the contents of the antechamber. And 16 February 1923, Howard Carter opened the sealed door, only to find that it led to a grave chamber, where he got the first look at the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun.

Howard retired after this extraordinary discovery of the archeology and worked as a part-time agent for museums and collectors.

At 64, Carter died of lymphoma, a cancer, in Kensington, London, which was generally believed that the “curse of the Pharaohs” plaguing the party that the grave of Tutankhamun are violated.

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