iPhone 5 Fever? Samsung Has A More Sophisticated Galaxy Handset Waiting In The Wings

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NEW YORK: By many measures, Samsung Electronics should be on the ropes. Last month, it lost an important patent battle with its rival Apple after a jury in the United States ruled that Samsung had illegally copied aspects of Apple’s groundbreaking iPhone. Apple introduced its newest model, the iPhone 5, to enthusiastic reviews and a worldwide consumer frenzy, with customers lining up to buy the new model days before it arrived in stores Friday. This week, Apple shares hit a record high and cracked the $700 threshold.

So why is Samsung not only holding its own, but thriving?

Even as the Apple juggernaut has rolled over Research in Motion, which makes BlackBerry handsets, and Nokia, Samsung reported record earnings for its latest quarter, which ended June 30. Its handset profits, fueled by the introduction of its high-end Galaxy S III model in May, leapt 75 percent over the previous year. Samsung’s stock has gained more than 65 percent in the last year and was trading this week on the Korea Exchange at more than 1.3 million won, also close to a record.
i phone
Samsung can’t claim the intense media coverage, the passionate fan base or the cult of personality that grew up around Steve Jobs. But the giant South Korean manufacturer has built an impressive lead in global mobile phone sales. The research firm IDC reported that Samsung had 24.1 percent of the global handset market compared with Apple’s 6.4 percent at the end of the last quarter. Samsung also had a commanding lead in the lucrative smartphone market: 32.6 percent compared with Apple’s 16.9 percent, although the gap is likely to narrow because of the iPhone 5’s introduction.

By contrast, Nokia’s share of the smartphone market withered to 6.6 percent and Research in Motion, whose BlackBerry devices once accounted for nearly 20 percent of global smartphone sales, was no longer ranked among the top five producers.

These results didn’t come as a complete surprise to me. As I reported a little over a year ago, after testing the latest handsets from Apple, Samsung and RIM, I ended up buying the Samsung Charge, a decision that surprised me, since I thought I wanted the same iPhone 4 all my cool friends had. The BlackBerry was sadly lacking, and the iPhone was a strong contender. What won me over was Samsung’s large screen. Despite my large hands, I could type on the virtual keyboard with a fair degree of accuracy. (Try correcting typos when you’re frantically searching for information on a Web browser or entering passwords.) Photos also looked better, and Samsung’s 4G was faster, although I often found myself stuck in a 3G backwater. And it still fit in my pocket.
i phone5
I can’t say my subsequent experience has been flawless. At one point the Charge stopped functioning, a failure that stumped the technicians at a Verizon service center. But they replaced the phone at no charge to me, and thanks to Google, all my contact information was backed up and easily migrated to the new device. Since then, I’ve been comfortably embedded in a seamless Android world of email, maps, directions, search and Web browsing even while continuing to use other Apple products.

But the competitive landscape has changed in just a year, with Samsung’s introduction of the Galaxy S III and now Apple’s release of the iPhone 5. My Charge already seems obsolete. Apple appears to have addressed all the issues that bothered me about the iPhone 4: The screen is bigger (though still not as big as the Charge or the Galaxy) and it offers 4G. It’s also lighter and, in my view, looks better than my Charge. But Samsung is so confident that its Galaxy S III holds up favorably to the iPhone 5 that it started an aggressive national advertising campaign with a head-to-head comparison between the two handsets, highlighting a list of features the iPhone lacks. And Samsung said it has a more sophisticated Galaxy handset waiting in the wings that will offer an even bigger screen.

Several experts and analysts I spoke to this week said that Samsung was a formidable competitor that had moved ahead of Apple in some aspects. Samsung “has come out with really attractive phones,” Toni Sacconaghi, senior technology analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., said. “They have large screens, great display, faster processors than Apple. Apple hasn’t been at the front edge of hardware design for a couple of years.”

Tero Kuittinen, an analyst at the mobile communications consulting firm Alekstra, agreed.
“The iPhone has remained pretty much static now for three generations. The first iPhone was a revelation, in a class of its own. But Apple has held onto the user interface for five years. You can still claim the interface is better, but the difference has been shrinking every year. On display, you can argue Samsung has taken the lead. Maybe you can slam Samsung for being an imitator, but when they imitate they do it right.”


Replace ‘dumb phone’ iPhone now or wait until Next phone coming?****

iphoneIt’s that time in the life cycle when Apple iPhone is expected to launch a new version of the popular smartphone in a few months, leaving many potential iPhone fans are wondering what to do first to get a new phone.
In this edition of Ask Maggie, I put the options for readers looking to buy a used iPhone or delivered today to replace your basic “dumb”. I also explain to a reader of the difference between a tablet and an electronic reader.

Where can I get a cheap iPhone? Dear Maggie,
maggieI think I’m one of the few people left without a smartphone. My “dumb phone” Verizon Wireless has just died this week, and I need a new as soon as possible. I think I want an iPhone. Unfortunately, I can not wait until the new iPhone comes out this fall (although I think I prefer to have the most recent.) I can use my cell phone for work and for my main phone. But I am not eligible for an upgrade until October.

Do you know where I can get an iPhone at a reasonable price now? Or do you have any other advice for me if I get the new iPhone when it becomes available later this fall?

Thank you,

Dear Cathy,
You are in a difficult situation, because if you could wait until you are eligible for an upgrade from Verizon, it will probably be able to get the latest iPhone to be published in September for about $ 200 . And if Apple did what he did in the past, you would be able to get the iPhone 4S years years for $ 100. (Apple generally updates the previous generation device of $ 100 when the new one is released.)
But you can not wait. You need a new phone now. Since you are not eligible for an upgrade, and it seems that you do not have insurance to replace your device, you must buy a new phone.

Here are your options: You can get a new iPhone at full price or buy a used or refurbished, which will cost less, but not as cheap as buying an iPhone with a carrier subsidy. The other option is to get a new phone cheap now and use its update in October to get the new iPhone when you leave.
If you buy an iPhone or another phone, I think eBay is your best bet for a device at a reasonable price new, used or refurbished. Apple and Verizon will charge $ 650 for a new 16 GB iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4 is greater than $ 550 brand new Apple or Verizon Wireless.

iPhone hold their value pretty well, so the iPhone, even renovated and used are not cheap. A new iPhone obviously cost you more. A new one will be slightly less. And used will be the cheapest bet.

The difference between a phone used and refurbished, is that the refurbished phones are tested by a third party to ensure they work. The device is cleared of all data from the previous owner and settings reset to factory settings.

The devices used were not tested by a third party. And there is a possibility that the device has not been cleaned, which is really more a problem for the former owner for you. But there may be a little hassle for you. In all cases, there is more risk in buying a device that is used, which probably has not been tested as much as one that is refurbished.

If you can not expect an iPhone and take a moment to note that the newest iPhone iPhone 4S. Was presented last fall. And of course, more expensive than previous versions, that is, the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G and original iPhone.

On eBay, you can get a new 16 GB iPhone 4S for about $ 510. A is used and a new $ 369 is $ 500. 4 A new iPhone goes for about $ 415 on eBay. You can get one used for about $ 210 and another for $ 330. But remember that this is the device that is now two years.
In general, I do not recommend that people buy older versions of the iPhone. Since you are a Verizon customer, would not be able to get the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G or original iPhone anyway. These devices only work with AT & T network and unlocked versions can run on T-Mobile. But even if you could buy and use on Verizon, I would not anyway, because they are very old.

But even the iPhone 4 looks a bit long in the tooth these days compared to other smartphones on the market. I do not think it worth for you to pay a few hundred dollars for a device that is already two generations old.

So here’s what I recommend. For a few months until you are eligible for an upgrade, you should just buy another cheap feature phone. (You can even find an old friend who has a Verizon phone that he or she is not that you can use for a couple of months.) When you can upgrade and renew its contract with Verizon, you can switch to a new iPhone. At that time is likely to be able to get the new iPhone, expected to cost $ 200 with a two-year contract, or may be able to get above the $ 100 iPhone 4S . (Obtaining a device which is an older generation is a good way to save money on the initial cost of the device. But as I said before I would buy an iPhone that is two generations or more.)
Verizon sells new and refurbished phones in place. However, as I said before, I often think that eBay offers the best deals. So if you buy a cheap phone, I’d go to eBay first. A new basic flip phone Verizon is $ 30 on eBay. And a new intensity III Samsung quick messaging device with full QWERTY keyboard is going for about $ 60 on eBay. In the Verizon site, the same phone is brand new for $ 280.

Good luck with your phone dilemma! I hope that this advice was helpful.

Confusion Tablet

Dear Maggie,
Perhaps this question has been asked before, but I need help with some understanding. I keep hearing about iPads, tablets and electronic readers. I am interested in purchasing one of these products. But what is the difference between these devices? Is it just the price or hardware?

Thank you, Mags.

Dear Arnold,
The difference is not all about price. The real difference has to do with the software.

New Galaxy S III Phone Is Bigger And Smarter For New Generation


The New Generation’s Phone Galaxy S III Phone

In a press conference in London on Thursday, it published described as a “box,” in fact, Samsung’s impressive array of hardware and software enhancements that the company hopes will help to keep their rank as the best mobile phone manufacturers the world.
The biggest feature (literally), most consumers will find is an impressive 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen. That’s about half an inch larger than the Galaxy S II, and significantly higher than the 3.5-inch screen with high resolution on the Apple iPhone 4S. Despite the big screen, III S is actually a little thinner than the iPhone 4S (9.33mm vs 8.6 mm) and is slightly lighter (133 grams vs. 140 grams).
In addition to the screen that consumers tend to be more interested in the operating system of the Galaxy and S III, when it comes to iPhone OS from Apple, widely regarded as the leader, since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. The Galaxy S III is the so-called Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google Android OS (version 4.0). But are the features that Samsung has built on the top of the operating system, some common complaints about cell phone that could help chip away at Apple’s lead tackle Mindshare. For example:
“Very clever” is a problem for all mobile phone users have to be solved: the attenuation of the screen, if you want to stay in, for example, if an e-mail exchange with a friend. In the same way, gave up the phone and said, “Look at that,” the screen dims as part of their routine energy savings. To make matters worse, go back to this e-mail is also required to enter a password to unlock the screen. With “very intelligent”, the phone uses to identify new Galaxy on camera when someone looking at the screen. If you see a face, the screen darkens.
Samsung also touts the “Voice S”, which it described as the intersection of the current state of the art in speech recognition and response.
During a demonstration with Samsung, as the driver of a car could be the phone, without running to the eyes from the road. Say “Hello Galaxy” puts the phone in a way to recognize voice commands. From there you can ask: “How’s the weather?” or say, “Take a picture.” (Of course, you have to look at the screen to see the result, or take a picture.)
Anyone who’s caught in a text conversation for a long time and thought, “This is ridiculous, I’ll call it,” appreciate what Samsung calls “Direct”. While SMS messages when you raise the phone to the ear, which is automatically selected the person to whom you are sending text messages.
“Smart Alerts” will help reduce the number of accidental calls important people in your contact list. If you leave the phone on the desk and never miss a call from your boss or wife, to return the phone and access to in your pocket will vibrate and display the missed calls.
“S beam” can tap into the owner of another Galaxy S III, the easy transfer of files or documents.
“Pop Up” allows the user to view a video while you surf the Internet or e-mail responses. The video is just a small box on all other running applications, as will be superimposed on the sample image in the image on a television.

As for the 8-megapixel camera, Samsung made a few improvements:

Zero delay from the time you touch the screen to take the picture.
The ability to take a picture and be ready to take another in less than 1 second
A burst mode, 3.3 frames recorded per second
The possibility of still images while shooting high definition video (very useful if you have ever tried to capture a child blowing out birthday candles too and you can not decide between a video and still).
There are also some clever tricks to expand the software as those pictures, you can use. If you make a flash photo, the phone will recommend that you think is the best quality, so you can discard the other. And if the picture is a group photo that includes people in your address book, can recognize the phone, their faces, and provide a copy of the image to send.

For the hardcore geeks phone, here are the specifications of another galaxy S III: The screen is 1280 x 720 pixels, HSPA + connectivity features, removable battery is 2100 mAh and is filled with a quad-core processor Exynos.

The phone comes in black or white and in three memory sizes (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) come with the ability to add memory via microSD card.

The company has not announced the prices known, but their high-end phones usually cost $ 200 to $ 250, signing a two-year contract. The 32GB and 64GB versions cost more. The Galaxy III goes on sale in Europe in late May and in the U.S. in June. However, a version of LTE in the U.S. is not expected until later in the summer.

Samsung also announced that non-carriers, but that usually makes its mobile phones available to the four companies in the U.S.

Iphone 5 Larger Screen For iPhone 5 Into Production By Next Month

– 17 May 2012
iPhone screen size has not improved since then, and in comparison to newly released cell phones today, with much larger screen. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple calls the iPhone screen the next largest size of at least 4 inches in diagonal. Even after them, for the production next month one of the largest screens are in place.

During these days is the case, the screen size so that when the news of the Wall Street Journal, is certainly movement with Apple iPhones on 4-inch screen to produce an advantage for them. Of course, aside from the screen, Apple has the iPhone product quality, so it really has much to consumers, but consumers are more interested in the new iPhone with larger screens.

When Apple introduced the first iPhone launched recently in 2007, has become a success. It was an innovative device with an innovative user interface that runs on a 3.5-inch display. Since then, the iPhone have not changed much. Compared to other Apple mobile manufacturer in a risky move, but have been successful as it was, because until now, you can start with Apple’s iPhone. On the other hand, the iPhone is only slowly improving in recent years because it was mainly because Apple keeps the focus on its proven strategy.

The Apple iPhone is still dominant years and can be sold at the same price. Consumers still want an iPhone, even though there are many phones recently introduced on the market. But consumers can not deny the fact that the iPhone is too slow to show its age. We can say that Android phones a winner in the mobile world, given his new look, larger screens and new features, and that’s how the attention of many consumers.
According to the rumors that circulate on the Internet, the new iPhone and the next have a 4-inch screen. It is speculated that this is not true, but someone has commented on the border and explained how he could do. However, if done properly by Apple, a striking feature of the iPhone.
With all these rumors about new iPhone features, we can not deny that the introduction of the iPhone 4S is still marketed and sold as a box office hit. When it comes to benefits and earn money goes, you can still count on the current features of the iPhone 4S. But on the other hand, it seems that iPhone 4 to be one of the mobile phones often seen on the market. Other cell phones have come to date and it’s like every level with each other.
Apple iPhone is the next generation to introduce later this year, no one knows exactly how it would look like. You can not possibly a bigger screen and. The truth to that still have and maintain the quality that Apple is using on his upper line of products.

Users prefer the name “iPhone 3” to “New iPhone”

i pad 3Apple users, the technology community and even Internet search engines prefer the name iPad 3 compared to the name of “new iPhone”, and this has been shown since its launch.

The characteristics of the new iPhone is not what most surprised the experts and the community at large, but the lack of name of this new tablet, and everyone expected the output of “iPad 3”, and not just a “new iPhone” .

Apple explained why the new iPhone has no name, and this is because the company did not want to be predictable as well who want to unify the image of this device, like its Mac models

In terms of Google searches for the new Apple tablet, it was found that the most searched term in the last week was “iPad 3” followed by “iPad 2” and finally “new iPad”, this shows that users not completed convinced by the real name of this tablet, the report of 20minutes.

i pad

One of the problems began to emerge when the tablet has just been released, was how they could differentiate this new iPad if it was physically very similar to the iPad 2, and especially because I had no other name than “new iPhone”.

I think a few weeks after being released most of us we have become accustomed to the term “new iPad” as more users to complain, Apple will not do anything about it to change the name. You prefer to appoint or iPad3 New to iPad?.

ps vitaHardware


The first thing you notice is the 5-inch OLED touch screen of 960 × 544 resolution clocks at 220 pixels per inch (ppi). On paper, it may seem a fair way behind the levels of Apple Retina Display (326 dpi), but make no mistake – this is a big, bright, gorgeous – and counting pixels will be the last thing on your mind once you start playing.

If you have not been following the previews, the Vita is the mainstream first-hand to offer two analog sticks, a configuration control has been the standard console for over a decade, and was surprisingly absent from all models of first-generation PlayStation Portable (PSP).

The second control is essential for precise control of shooters on first and third person, and is ultimately responsible for a sub-genre of arcade games – the “dual stick shooter” Geometry Wars popularized by (which is not surprising to see Super Stardust as a launch title).

Both levers are an important starting point, welcome to the awkwardly placed, hard plastic “nub” of the PSP. They are placed near the middle of the Vita, and the inclination of the console as a stick, although less traveled than you might expect. There is also a much softer feel to the surface of the bar becomes more convenient.
ps vita
The four face buttons are a bit small, and have a click, much like the PSP Go. They are placed as close to the joystick right to the particular skill may be able to operate both at once with some practice.

The joysticks are joined by perhaps the best directional pad on a controller yet. Each direction has a tactile click as diverse as the face buttons, while being quite easy to operate. It is well exhibited by the launch title Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (I think fans of fighting games in particular love it).

… but not everything is good. The shoulder buttons to move a little, and may fail to give a tactile click, depending on where you are pressing, and the beginning awkwardly placed and dials it more difficult to pause a game of it it should be, which is unfortunate for a portable device.

Surprisingly, the Vita is much more comfortable to hold and operate than any model of PSP and any controller DualShock / Sixaxis PlayStation console (albeit a bit on the heavy side). Not a Xbox 360 (the watermark to the ergonomics of the driver), but is a clear second – and that’s a powerful challenge to a portable device.

There is no storage on board Vita, and his growing collection of SD and microSD cards does not help – you have to buy a memory card in the new Sony’s proprietary format, which is designed specifically for Vita.

Cards are available for $ 20 for 4 GB, $ 30 for the 8 GB, $ 60 for the 16 GB and $ 100 for 32 GB. While some complain about the cost of memory cards, certainly could be a bad batch (control of what Apple charges for additional memory on iPhone unexpandable).


La Vita has one of the strongest lineups imaginable release. You should be able to find at least two games that I like, regardless of their gaming preferences. Stay tuned for my list of essentials Vita PS games, to be published in the coming days.

All the “long term” Vita titles will be available in hardware or as a download from the PlayStation Network, usually weighing between 1 GB and 4 GB. Like the PlayStation 3, there are download only titles available on the PlayStation Network.

I took two of the downloadable titles, Super Stardust RC Delta and Motorstorm, which are both bright-brainer priced ($ 9.99) and gameplay that is conducive to a quick session of five or ten minutes. Motorstorm RC, you can even play on your PS3, which is something we expect to see more of in the future.

If you already have digital versions of PSP games, many of them can be installed in the PS Vita (the figure rises to over 275 according to Sony) – and I’m finding it much more enjoyable Gran Turismo in the Vita thanks PSP Slim to improved controls.

When you take into account the wide range of PSP games to download and minis PSP, Sony has the start of something that could viably compete with Apple’s iPhone OS devices and the App Store. Aggressive discount catalog of PSP (as the current 50 percent of Grand Theft Auto games) continued courting of popular developers of IOS, and an initiative to build a library of downloadable games Vita in the range of less than $ 5 (including games supported by ads or shopping in the game), the Vita will be infinitely more attractive to those outside the core gamer group.

You can use a computer (PC or Mac) or a PS3 as a library teacher for all their games, and Vita, so it is easy to maintain what you are playing an active role in the memory card of the Vita.


I love this thing, and urge all those who play games to go and have a game with one in a store. Even if you decide to wait for a price drop, a larger library of games, or a hardware revision, playing Vita is like a little glimpse of the future worth experiencing.

I recommend that you get at least a 16 GB memory card, and consider the 32 GB if you’re a hog game. I filled an 8 GB card a few days, although I already had a couple of titles for PSP to install digital and was a little trigger happy on the PlayStation Store.

Battery life is definitely the Achilles heel of the Vita, but not as bad as many are doing so to be. Bluetooth off, I’m getting at least five hours of solid play from office.

I would like to be a little more scientific about this, but the Vita not give you a percentage reading of the battery, and you can tell when I put a button or joystick and finally put to sleep.

Battery packs are the first and third in the pipeline, but the battery packs compatible with the iPhone (as Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation) should do the trick in the meantime.
The quality of construction

After four revisions of the PSP (five if you count the PSP Go) expected that Sony is very good for laptops – and Vita does not disappoint. No plastic creaks or “give” in any place, and the controls all feel like they’re built to last.
Compete with the PS3

An interesting omission from the Vita is the lack of a TV output, which was in the original PSP. When you see the quality of games that run in the Vita can see why – Vita Sony knows that would be competing directly with the PS3, which unlike Vita, you can sell at a profit. Hopefully you have some serious discussion going on over the long run Sony’s PlayStation unification and Vita.

New iPad runs hot, ‘Consumer Reports’ tests show – Today’s News

ipadConsumer Reports said Tuesday that the new Apple iPhone has a problem with heat. The consumer guide found that new iPads can run 13 degrees hotter than the iPad 2 models when certain applications are running.

Consumer Reports testers found that the latest iPad could reach 116 degrees when running games. “When I was at its hottest point, felt very hot, but not particularly uncomfortable if held for a short time, Consumer Reports wrote Tapellini Donna, who held the iPhone in their hands during the test.

  MORE INFO: new Apple iPad, incredible screen, is a delight

The new iPhone is safe, but near the point of 120 degrees in which laptops are very hot and can cause burns if in contact with the skin for a long time, says the editor of electronics CR Paul Reynolds. CR plans to continue testing the new iPad.

Apple sold a record 3 million iPads the weekend. The tablet offers a higher resolution screen, more dynamic 4G data connection and more processing power.

Apple responded Tuesday to reports of problems, but declined to comment after the results of CR’s tests.

“The new iPad boasts an impressive display Retina A5X chip, support for 4G LTE, over 10 hours of battery life while operating within our specific heat,” said Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison. “If customers have any questions, should contact AppleCare.”

Consumer Reports tested the new Apple iPad by running the game Infinity Blade II for 45 minutes while plugged in. The consumer protection using a thermal imaging camera to find the new iPad recorded a temperature of 116 degrees when plugged in and 113 degrees when is disconnected.

The most likely cause is the high resolution screen and its increasing demand for processing power, Forrester analyst Frank Gillett says.

“It’s no surprise that when you ask a processor to work harder to be heated,” says Gillett.

Apple, of course, is no stranger to the problems of high-profile product. After the debut of the iPhone 4, consumers complained about the antenna, saying that the phone dropped calls if held in a certain way. Consumer Reports tested the iPhone 4 at the time and said he could not recommend the device due to the problem of the antenna.

Apple in a rare mea culpa offered customers a free defense of protection that could be connected to the phone to address.