Personal Growth Through Nudism

nudityRichard Ungewitter, one of the founders of nudism in Germany, was among the first to draw a connection between the practice of social nudism and better physical and mental health. While many naturists and nudists enjoy nudity primarily just because it feels good and is a pleasant way to spend their time, over the years nudists have claimed a number of benefits that accrue from the practice of social nuditythat relate to psychological and emotional well-being and growth.


Personal growth defined

Personal growth simply defined is self-development and includes goals, plans or actions aimed towards things like improving self-awareness, improving self-knowledge, building or renewing identity, enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life and fulfilling aspirations. In short, personal growth is people becoming “better” people.
Simply spending time naked whether occasionally or as a regular practice will not alone make someone a better person or automatically produce personal growth any more than having lots of education automatically makes a person well-informed and wise. However, embracing nudist culture and thoughtful practice of nudity can be an effective resource for attaining emotional well-being and personal growth.


Psychological and emotional benefits of nudity


Among the benefits of practicing social nudity that have been identified, there are a number which have been associated with psychological and emotional well-being and personal growth.

    • Nudity helps control and reducing stress
    • Nudity increases self-confidence and the ability to overcome groundless fears
    • Nudity encourages greater honesty and openness with others
    • Nudity reduces dependence on artificial symbols of status and success
    • Nudity fosterer greater acceptance of the bodies and personalities of oneself and others
    • Nudity provides the experience of feeling greater freedom and heightened integration with the natural world
    • Nudity leads to a fuller experience of life beyond the mere attainment of selfish desires for approval and physical gratification


Appropriating the benefits of nudism

Of course for the typical Dallas resident who has never experienced social nudity, these supposed benefits may seem little more than platitudes. It is an unfortunate fact that a great many people living in the Dallas area neither truly understand nor hold any appreciation for the benefits inherent in nudist culture. This environment can create obstacles for a person open-minded enough to have a healthy curiosity about trying social nudity.

Admittedly it does take a good deal of courage to make the decision to visit one of the Dallas area landed clubs or attend a nudist gathering hosted by one of the non-landed clubs for the first time. Yet invariably, those who refuse to give in to living by only following those tried and true patterns of living that have been most successful, or at least were not unsuccessful for them in the past and have the courage to advance beyond that to a place and a state where they haven’t been before, discover that social nudity really can serve them well as a catalyst for enhanced emotional well-being and personal growth.