London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics | 2012 british gymnastics

LONDON – rhythmic gymnastics event at Wembley Arena opened yesterday, destined to be a Russian festival. In this environment, Neta Rivkin of Israel placed 14 after the first two devices while the Israel team won eighth place in the middle of their classification.

Rivkin, who needs to finish among the top 10 to advance to the final began promisingly. She scored 27.450 on the apparatus ring and took first place after the first rotation. Rivkin last carried out in the second rotation and I could see the disappointing results of the Russians – Daria Dmitrieva led with 57,800 points, while Evgeniya Kanaeva was second with 57,625 points.


The Israelis knew that success in the unit ball similar to the ring stand firm in their position to the end, around seventh or eighth place. He seemed to be on their way from the beginning, but then made an unforced error, dropping the ball outside the area of ​​operation. That mistake cost him a fine of 0.45, let alone score for execution. He received 26,200 points and was reduced to 14.

“I had a good workout in the ring in terms of the elements and performance with the apparatus,” he said later, disappointed. “In the apparatus of ball that made a big mistake, but as elements running what was needed. It is a mistake to draw a lot of. I hope to improve tomorrow.”

Rivkin said she needs to be more specific and have more confidence to the club today and tape devices. “I think I lost my concentration on the ball, and that’s too bad,” he said. “The feeling is a bit different from the last Olympics, but it’s still exciting. I saw the fans and I want to thank all those in the field that has encouraged me. He gave me strength and motivation.”

After Rivkin, the team of Israel Buzovski Moran, Koshel Viktoriya, Palatchy Noa, Marina Shults, Polina and Zholkovski Eliora Zakaluzny was fifth in the preliminary group. Executed a dazzling exercise interesting and daring movements passing the ball to teammate teammate. The judges gave the team of 26,500, which puts them in the eighth – the lowest point from which to qualify for Sunday’s final.

“We are very pleased with the results and so are the coaches, and that’s the most important,” said Buzovski. Buzovski said the team’s strongest unit – the three ribbons and two rings – is today, they expect the final push.

Shults, 17, marking their first performance at the Olympics, said it was very exciting to be in the Games. “I was worried it would be a little scary, but it was fine,” he said. “I gained much confidence from the first device.”


London Olympic 2012 | Famous Athlete’s Nick Delpopolo & Gabby Douglas

londonThe other Olympic athlete in the 2012 London Summer Olympic Day was 10 diskvalifikasiya; drug test failed this time. He ate without knowing an item baked with marijuana, said the American judo fighter Nick Delpopolo of the participants failed the drug test is the first athlete.

The particular – which is intentional for the best performance tossed eight female badminton players diskvalifikasiya Delpopolo including athletes, combined with a handful.

london 2012Among the recent completion of eight U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas, the final medal during the uneven bars did not perform up to standard. He Kexin of China, silver and bronze medals won by Great Britain’s Elizabeth Tweddle was snagged Aliya Mustafina, took the gold with 16.133 an account.

Football in Japan, France beat 2-1, and will continue for women’s final. World Cup champs, or in the U.S. will play Canada on Thursday.

Track and field, U.S. athletes Dawn Harper and Lolo Jones and Sally Pearson, along with Australia, the women’s 100m hurdles semi-final.

london boxingPlus medals in cycling events, equestrian, gymnastics, sailing, shooting – in the market events of the qualifying round of basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, canoeing, diving, field hockey, handball, soccer, synchronized swimming, table tennis, volleyball, water polo , including the Athletics, weightlifting and wrestling.

10 days of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games was the best schedule below to see.Schedule london Olympic