Will The iPhone 5S in June 2013?

i phone 5sAdams | Los Angeles
Updated Tuesday 12/12/2012

One of the assumptions that have marked the passage of Apple in recent years has been the urgency to launch products to mercad. Even without the late Steve Jobs, is something that so far has not changed, as is clear from market analysis of Jefferies Group, one of the leading investment banks worldwide.

Document for Apple investors, discussing the arrival of the iPhone 5S to stores for the month of June, a phone that will be born with a variety of colors to choose from.

This is an analysis prepared by Peter Misek, director of the firm, and in ensuring that the growth of the company led by Tim Cook will suffer a slowdown in 2013, with plans to cut production of its popular phone.

There is talk of a reduction of five million units over the initial estimate, while innovation will continue to drive the company based in Cupertino, California.

Colors and other news
The iPhone 5S will not only have between six and eight colors to choose from, much like the new iPod music players, but they come with an enhanced high-definition camera, longer lasting battery and the introduction of NFC (Near Field Communication), a wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices.

The prediction ensures that the new iPhone also increase the storage capacity of 128 GB per data unit, and a change in the screen to provide higher definition.

Misek also relates to the debate on the future of television with the Apple brand, something that has been talked about for years. From what I have seen on a visit to some of Apple’s Asian suppliers, the TV will be available in stores in September and October, a device to give continuity to Apple TV, which has slowly been gaining ground in the homes of U.S. and in the way people consume television.
i phone5s
As for the iPad, also suffer the rigors of cuts, from 30 million units to 25 in their 2013 production levels. Hence Misek has also chosen to cut $ 100 the price fixed for the operation of Apple in the future, from 900 to 800 cents per share. Today they closed at $ 541 per share on the New York Stock Exchange.