Portable mCAMLITE Turns Your iPhone Into a Versatile Video Camera

ImageThe mCAMLITE turns your iPhone into a top-level video camera (Images: Action Life Media)

Yes, you can use your iPhone as a more than decent video camera, but if you want to get better, more professional results, wrap it in an mCAMLITE.

Made from aircraft-grade billet aluminum, the mCAMLITE not only protects your iPhone when climbing on rocks to get the perfect angle, but it gives it the weight and heft you need to stabilize your hands while shooting.
And because the pros don’t just use one standard lens when pushing for the perfect shot, the kit comes with two 37mm interchangeable lenses: a wide angle for capturing everything you want in the scene, and a macro when you want to get up close and personal. Together, they give you the chance to get shots that are downright impossible with the iPhone’s lens.

Since the best videos have sound, the mCAMLITE comes with a 180-degree external microphone, allowing you to capture directional sound and reduce ambient noise, so your YouTube fans can hear every note of your keyboard-playing cat…

The mCAMLITE’s housing is designed with consideration of your growth as an auteur. It has mounts on top and bottom for accessories and tripods, and has a cold shoe on top for pro quality mics and lights. They even offer a pair of action carts so you can slide your cam along to get smooth action shots. So as you get better and demand more from your cam, the mCAMLITE can oblige.

At only $159.95 it’s the perfect starter kit for any visionary filmmaker (or photographer), to add to their portfolio without spending a fortune. Don’t quote me on this, but I think this is how Scorsese got started…


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