The Role Of ” Sex ” In The Relationship


How important is sex for the relationship? Is the “great sex” contributes to relationship satisfaction, precave of separation? Does the “bad sex” or lack of sex cause negative consequences, affects the possibility of divorce?

With the significant advancement of sexology and sexual medicine in recent years, today we can mention certain trends in matching the surveys and research studies:

  • The vast majority of the population holds that sex is a very important aspect in their lives, especially among those who are married
  • The vast majority of men and women either married or a couple argue that they care much to have a satisfying sex life
  • The vast majority of people claim that an enjoyable sex life enhances their quality of life
  • The vast majority of people argue that an unsatisfactory sex life can lead to many problems such as depression and especially lead to the breakup of the relationship
  • The vast majority of research conclude that transverse subjective sexual well-being is positively correlated with the general level of happiness, both men and women, and that, conversely, sexual dysfunctions are highly associated with negative experiences in the relationship partner and general welfare, as well as physical health problems and emotional
  • There is evidence of a close relationship between sexual dysfunction and depression, which affect each other
  • The vast majority of transverse and longitudinal studies have repeatedly shown that those who live with a partner, have better health, live longer, feel more at peace and are more satisfied with their lives than those who do not
  • The vast majority of the population live in couple or family wanting to live in

Sexual Medicine suggests that sexuality is part of our overall health and a fulfilling sex life brings significant benefits to our physical and emotional wellbeing, increasing satisfaction with life in general, relative acting as an antidote against mental symptoms and mood stabilizing . Chile also reported that people put much of their hopes of self in sexuality, along with love and married life (Bicentennial Survey).

Empirical evidence agree that sexual well being and subjective satisfaction with the couple go together for both sexes. For example, even families with small children, unstable finances and strenuous times, say they have a very strong bond, which partially attributed to its pleasurable sexual life. Those who declare themselves pleased with both their marriage and with their sex life say their sex are common, they do not want to have sex with other people, who often refuse their partner sexually, and if it rejects them, are tolerant and understanding. In marriages “healthy” long-standing, both see sex as an expression of sensuality, passion, tenderness, affection, love and play. I met within the relationship and not used to manipulate or resolving conflicts.

In contrast, sexual dissatisfaction negatively affects the perception of others and the relationship as a whole. Lack of sex for long periods has been correlated with decreased and mutual satisfaction with discouragement and apathy in communication, routine, boredom, inertia and disinterest. In most sexually dissatisfied couples, life becomes complicated and sexual problems affect other planes, manifesting in miscommunication, reproaches and emotional distress, among others. Moreover, sexual satisfaction helps maintain the illusion, triggers the mechanism approach, enjoyment, growth and eroticism, in other words, is a major factor contributing motivational and fun to look forward to resolving difficulties with other areas, noting that one should not fall into believing that coexistence problems can be solved through sex or that most of the disagreements are due to sex.

But correlations above what came first, the chicken or the egg?; Does a positive link partner increased sexual satisfaction is the opposite?. The data suggest that if the person is dissatisfied with her marriage, hardly feel pleased with your sex life, similarly, if you are frustrated with some important aspect of your sex life (frequency, level of sensuality, hygiene, etc.), It Most likely not perceive that their relationship is appropriate. Consequently, sexuality and relationship are closely related; difficultly may stand in the time of these satisfactions if not present the other also. Sexual problems affect the relationship, in the same way that conflicts in the couple relationship influence the sexual relationship.

The sexual wellbeing plays a significant role in dyadic adjustment. There is a high correlation between marital stability, on the one hand, and sexual satisfaction, feelings of love and emotional expression, on the other hand. It is concluded that, for a marriage to work relatively well, there must be a minimum of sexual gratification, and that sense of confidence that is generated with sexual life would increase, in turn, marital success. According to cross-sectional studies of marriages “happy and lasting” (married 25 years), 90% say that the feeling of closeness is an essential aspect in marital satisfaction and that among the factors that determine the closeness, a satisfying is essential in general, since it is necessary to generate the feeling of being in the company, of sharing and fellowship.

But how important is sexual wellness on other variables? In a recent survey found that for 57% of participants, sex occupied a special place in their lives in general and the percentage rises to 80% compared to the relevance assigned within their partnership (for 39% accounted for almost half of the entire relationship and only 4% relegates to the background, giving a 20% significance). Similarly, the comparársela with other factors, while the sexual satisfaction explain approx. 60% of the variance in marital satisfaction, temperament explain approx. 20% and approx personality. 10% (ie the dimensions of neuroticism and extraversion). Moreover, the positive dimensions of temperament and personality are mediated by the sexual, ie affect marital satisfaction as long as there is a sexual being (however, although less significant individual traits, sexual activity is influenced by the personality ). Other findings suggest that the significance of the pair assigned to your sex life does not diminish with the years of coexistence, but remains constant and that sex has the potential to evolve into something even more satisfying over time.
Are there gender differences?. Each person and each couple has its own sexuality differently, with no rules or recipes for living and may have, for each member, so a value as a different meaning: for some it is basically a physical pleasure, while for others it is an emotional component of union with the other. Until relatively short time ago, the significance attributed to men sex in marital satisfaction was higher than in women. However, in recent years has caused a shift, with the highest priority to them (70%) than for them (56%). The new generation of females say they are sexually active need to feel good, it affects their self-esteem and personal satisfaction, and that, conversely, no sexual pleasure feel needy, nervous and frustrated.

Does it matter the frequency of sex? Most studies conclude that this is a decisive factor in marital adjustment, whereas as less assiduous, the greater the likelihood of instability – independent of the variable frequency agree – especially for men, who are reported happier with their marriage when there was more sex and less masturbation. In contrast, in women, a more fulfilling sexuality was before linked positive affect toward a spouse, emotional well-being and pleasure, rather than the number of relationships. But recently it has been found that the frequency is being particularly significant in the subjective satisfaction of them with your partner, holding that the more frequent and enjoyable, more want to. The pleasure of lovemaking, feeds the desire itself.

One skilled in the happiness of Chileans (Tironi) suggests that sexual frequency has an important report happiness for individuals and couples who have sex are more stable than the rest of the population, therefore, are happier. And this is exacerbated among those who have had access to a good education, that is, the more educated people, makes them happier as often sexual. Although other authors argue that the amount would be less important than the subjective feeling of satisfaction with sex life, where the depth of intimacy plays a very important role.

Why is it so important to sexual satisfaction? Among the possible scenarios you can use the triangular theory of love, which postulates that sexual passion and intimacy are two of the three fundamental pillars of any relationship and, for others, sexual manifestations comprise of intimacy and further potentiate practice. The data indicate that intimacy repeatedly (with empathy) ranks first among the objectives sought in marriage and intimacy that is associated with both sexual satisfaction to marital.

Another explanation can be found in neurobiological theories, which emphasize the role of sexual pleasure in the natural support of the bond in couples in stable relationships and persistent. Specifically postulate that, whenever the couple experiences a satisfying sexual encounter, such releases of oxytocin in the brain and in the body that increases the sense of union between them, of belonging and security. So while most have a satisfactory sex partner, the stronger the bond between them, they will feel closer and attached to each other, feeling happier in their marriage.

intercourseSo when we talk about sexuality, not referring only to intercourse or mere sexual pleasure. We are sexual beings when we touched, kissed and hugged, but also when we laugh and have fun together. The erotic experience involves more than just genital interaction, involves expression of emotions, bonding, complicity and a very intimate form of communication, where we can be so in confidence to dare to show vulnerable, asking for help and expressing fears without feeling judged . Human beings, as complex and highly developed organism, requires a level of satisfaction that encompasses various components in order to achieve a sense of harmony and wholeness. That is, a positive and comprehensive sexuality is a much higher gratification and complete than the purely biological and is in this sense that, if done within the context of affectively suitable partner, will enable us to meet the needs of both physical order as the psycho-emotional and psychosocial.

In conclusion, there is consensus that sexuality is a fundamental pillar in itself of the relationship beyond the feelings and communication. However, as in many other situations of human life, is not much, nor too little and depends on many other factors involved. What is that, ultimately, sex is a powerful bond between the couple and represents a way of being in pairs is qualitatively very different as can be with other peoplea

Personal Growth Through Nudism

nudityRichard Ungewitter, one of the founders of nudism in Germany, was among the first to draw a connection between the practice of social nudism and better physical and mental health. While many naturists and nudists enjoy nudity primarily just because it feels good and is a pleasant way to spend their time, over the years nudists have claimed a number of benefits that accrue from the practice of social nuditythat relate to psychological and emotional well-being and growth.


Personal growth defined

Personal growth simply defined is self-development and includes goals, plans or actions aimed towards things like improving self-awareness, improving self-knowledge, building or renewing identity, enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life and fulfilling aspirations. In short, personal growth is people becoming “better” people.
Simply spending time naked whether occasionally or as a regular practice will not alone make someone a better person or automatically produce personal growth any more than having lots of education automatically makes a person well-informed and wise. However, embracing nudist culture and thoughtful practice of nudity can be an effective resource for attaining emotional well-being and personal growth.


Psychological and emotional benefits of nudity


Among the benefits of practicing social nudity that have been identified, there are a number which have been associated with psychological and emotional well-being and personal growth.

    • Nudity helps control and reducing stress
    • Nudity increases self-confidence and the ability to overcome groundless fears
    • Nudity encourages greater honesty and openness with others
    • Nudity reduces dependence on artificial symbols of status and success
    • Nudity fosterer greater acceptance of the bodies and personalities of oneself and others
    • Nudity provides the experience of feeling greater freedom and heightened integration with the natural world
    • Nudity leads to a fuller experience of life beyond the mere attainment of selfish desires for approval and physical gratification


Appropriating the benefits of nudism

Of course for the typical Dallas resident who has never experienced social nudity, these supposed benefits may seem little more than platitudes. It is an unfortunate fact that a great many people living in the Dallas area neither truly understand nor hold any appreciation for the benefits inherent in nudist culture. This environment can create obstacles for a person open-minded enough to have a healthy curiosity about trying social nudity.

Admittedly it does take a good deal of courage to make the decision to visit one of the Dallas area landed clubs or attend a nudist gathering hosted by one of the non-landed clubs for the first time. Yet invariably, those who refuse to give in to living by only following those tried and true patterns of living that have been most successful, or at least were not unsuccessful for them in the past and have the courage to advance beyond that to a place and a state where they haven’t been before, discover that social nudity really can serve them well as a catalyst for enhanced emotional well-being and personal growth.

iPhone 5 Fever? Samsung Has A More Sophisticated Galaxy Handset Waiting In The Wings

i phone

NEW YORK: By many measures, Samsung Electronics should be on the ropes. Last month, it lost an important patent battle with its rival Apple after a jury in the United States ruled that Samsung had illegally copied aspects of Apple’s groundbreaking iPhone. Apple introduced its newest model, the iPhone 5, to enthusiastic reviews and a worldwide consumer frenzy, with customers lining up to buy the new model days before it arrived in stores Friday. This week, Apple shares hit a record high and cracked the $700 threshold.

So why is Samsung not only holding its own, but thriving?

Even as the Apple juggernaut has rolled over Research in Motion, which makes BlackBerry handsets, and Nokia, Samsung reported record earnings for its latest quarter, which ended June 30. Its handset profits, fueled by the introduction of its high-end Galaxy S III model in May, leapt 75 percent over the previous year. Samsung’s stock has gained more than 65 percent in the last year and was trading this week on the Korea Exchange at more than 1.3 million won, also close to a record.
i phone
Samsung can’t claim the intense media coverage, the passionate fan base or the cult of personality that grew up around Steve Jobs. But the giant South Korean manufacturer has built an impressive lead in global mobile phone sales. The research firm IDC reported that Samsung had 24.1 percent of the global handset market compared with Apple’s 6.4 percent at the end of the last quarter. Samsung also had a commanding lead in the lucrative smartphone market: 32.6 percent compared with Apple’s 16.9 percent, although the gap is likely to narrow because of the iPhone 5’s introduction.

By contrast, Nokia’s share of the smartphone market withered to 6.6 percent and Research in Motion, whose BlackBerry devices once accounted for nearly 20 percent of global smartphone sales, was no longer ranked among the top five producers.

These results didn’t come as a complete surprise to me. As I reported a little over a year ago, after testing the latest handsets from Apple, Samsung and RIM, I ended up buying the Samsung Charge, a decision that surprised me, since I thought I wanted the same iPhone 4 all my cool friends had. The BlackBerry was sadly lacking, and the iPhone was a strong contender. What won me over was Samsung’s large screen. Despite my large hands, I could type on the virtual keyboard with a fair degree of accuracy. (Try correcting typos when you’re frantically searching for information on a Web browser or entering passwords.) Photos also looked better, and Samsung’s 4G was faster, although I often found myself stuck in a 3G backwater. And it still fit in my pocket.
i phone5
I can’t say my subsequent experience has been flawless. At one point the Charge stopped functioning, a failure that stumped the technicians at a Verizon service center. But they replaced the phone at no charge to me, and thanks to Google, all my contact information was backed up and easily migrated to the new device. Since then, I’ve been comfortably embedded in a seamless Android world of email, maps, directions, search and Web browsing even while continuing to use other Apple products.

But the competitive landscape has changed in just a year, with Samsung’s introduction of the Galaxy S III and now Apple’s release of the iPhone 5. My Charge already seems obsolete. Apple appears to have addressed all the issues that bothered me about the iPhone 4: The screen is bigger (though still not as big as the Charge or the Galaxy) and it offers 4G. It’s also lighter and, in my view, looks better than my Charge. But Samsung is so confident that its Galaxy S III holds up favorably to the iPhone 5 that it started an aggressive national advertising campaign with a head-to-head comparison between the two handsets, highlighting a list of features the iPhone lacks. And Samsung said it has a more sophisticated Galaxy handset waiting in the wings that will offer an even bigger screen.

Several experts and analysts I spoke to this week said that Samsung was a formidable competitor that had moved ahead of Apple in some aspects. Samsung “has come out with really attractive phones,” Toni Sacconaghi, senior technology analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., said. “They have large screens, great display, faster processors than Apple. Apple hasn’t been at the front edge of hardware design for a couple of years.”

Tero Kuittinen, an analyst at the mobile communications consulting firm Alekstra, agreed.
“The iPhone has remained pretty much static now for three generations. The first iPhone was a revelation, in a class of its own. But Apple has held onto the user interface for five years. You can still claim the interface is better, but the difference has been shrinking every year. On display, you can argue Samsung has taken the lead. Maybe you can slam Samsung for being an imitator, but when they imitate they do it right.”

*** Pakistan Beautiful Places ***

pakistanPakistan has immense scenic beauty which has made the place of those beautiful places In Pakistan on the globe for which people have dreamed to visit. Pakistan is the combination of the natural beauty as well as the architecture art and specialties.

If we observe the beautiful places in Pakistan we had Gilgit at the very top which is full of thrilling and attractive scenic beauties. It is located at a breath taking 60 minute’s flight from Islamabad. This is the flight which everyone will remember throughout their lives because the journey is full of thrilling route which moves the plane from the continuous exposure of huge mountains of Karakorum, which include Nanga Parbat which is the longest mountain on the Earth and K-2 which is the second largest. These visuals are being seen very rarely so this makes the beautiful place of the most priority of the tourist coming from the other countries to visit Pakistan.
The snow covered mountains with blue sky; frozen water and the great environment are the characteristics of this very famous place a very beautiful and pleasure for the visitors. In summers the very same place shows the greatest agricultural and beauty of greenery which adds the charm in this place and makes this place eligible to be visited throughout the year.

Peshawar also exhibits great beauty consisting of both natural and men made. One of the very places is the Khyber Pass which makes its route to the Silk Road, which is the long road joining Pakistan and its neighbouring country and is highly used for trading, great and attractive architecture makes its worthy of being seen.

Hunza valley having all the scenic beauties which the land can dream for, the traditional values of the people makes the place more beautiful and attractive. Places like Khunjerab Pass and many more full with the snow and colorful attractive culture of the people makes the Hunza valley a very gorgeous and stunning location to be visited.For more about tourism in pakistan check this–>Click here

Azad Kashmir is a place worth visiting because of its great picturesque beauty as many of the peoples outside the country compliment the place as being the heaven on the Earth. This is quiet true to say that the area is full of charming beauty of nature, having, snow, greenery, mountains, valleys and Beautiful Places In Pakistan Includes outstanding rivers which make Kashmir a complete package for visiting due to its beauty in all aspects.

Have A Hot Body Not Hot Flashes! – Get A Hot Body

hotHow To Balance Your Metabolism, Restore Your Figure and Feel Great Forever. The four step plan that melts stubborn fat and revives your metabolism when all else has failed!

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a woman is to reach a certain age, sometimes in your early twenties, and start gaining weight. Not just any kind of weight, this weight is different. It comes on faster and son of a gun is it harder to get off.

For women in their forties and fifties they call it “middle age spread” and you won’t find a whole lot of help or answers in the usual places. In fact, doctors with their conventional mindset will usually tell you it’s a symptom of pre-menopause and yet another sign of aging.

To add insult to injury, when this “unexplained” weight gain starts to show it’s ugly head there can be a whole lot of other unwanted changes happening to a woman’s body and mind all at the same time.

Fortunately theirs plenty of “inside knowledge” that just hasn’t hit the street yet and you deserve to have it.
But please bear this in mind as you read this special report. If all the prevailing opinions out there have not helped you get to where you want to be, then the only smart thing to do is embrace new ways of thinking and acting.


The powers that be

have failed you

Consider this.
For 6 decades you were told that Premarin and Provera, also known as PremPro was the answer to weight gain and pre-menopausal and menopausal symptoms. You were also told that it helped prevent heart disease, cancer and bone loss. Doctors handed this stuff out like candy.

hotnessThen in 2002 they actually did a large scale study to find out if their miracle hormones were performing the way they had been promising for almost 60 YEARS! The study, called the Woman’s Health Initiative (WHI) rocked the medical community right to its core and sent millions of women into a panic.

The results? PremPro actually increases the risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, blood clots and did little to nothing for weight gain.

They also do a lot of good, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to weight loss and the many symptoms that can ruin your quality of life they have failed women miserably.

Now let’s talk about the diet industry, the supplement industry, the internet and the countless media outlets for print, radio and television advertisement. For years those in the know have warned people about the smoke and mirrors tactics of these profit hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Honest, high quality products and qualified, competent people have been replaced by cheap ingredients in fancy packages, copywriters and public relations firms who tell compelling lies for a living. Despite the 95 % failure rate, the diet industry sells 30 billion dollars, and growing, of their empty promises every year.


Sad but true.

There are a few good products and some good people in these industries but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Nutritional supplements can be a life saver but you have to have that insiders knowledge to get beyond all this nonsense and create products that actually deliver more than promised!

hotYou probably wouldn’t be reading this unless you are serious about getting some excess weight off your body.

And why not prevent or eliminate some frustrating symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, skin changes, hair loss, irritability, anxiety, sleep problems, fading sex drive, mood swings, headaches, fatigue and others.

We can say this with absolute confidence. The diet and supplement industries will put you in a never ending loop of false hope, empty promise and failure. Very soon we will show you a targeted system of supplementation that delivers results in the fastest and most effective way possible.


No lies, no incompetence, no smoke

and mirrors.

hotLet me sum this up for you. There is no right way to do the wrong things. You’re either being put in harms way and treated like a guinea pig or you’re lost in a sea of confusion, hype and information overload. You can’t sort your way through this.

You have to rise above it!!