The Sony Xperia P And Its Sibling The Sony Xperia Z


After the launch of Xperia and Go Z, Sony, with the Xperia Z . Now that the smart phone family intends to expand the terminal benefits
Sony Xperia range of options on the market and has chosen to reinvent itself. This summer, the summer may be the Xperia, and the smart phone to launch the first to take part in the recent leaks.
According to the recent development of the Mobile World Congress, Sony Xperia with Z 1.5 GHz and dual-core processor has a 4.3 inch screen. All this is accompanied by a 12-megapixel camera, and employees today as expected, Android 4.0 operating system is upgraded.
However, the Sony Xperia Sony Z to Xperia Z continuously to expand to other terminals, smart phones provide a new family will participate in the competition for high-end smartphones market A throw a lot of advantages.
Rate Lumia regular presentations so far only in the terminal, you cruel war, and their son, the Nokia 610 Nokia Lumia release, may appear. House of the sale of more than 2.2 million smartphones in the market, Nokia has led in recent months.Check this on twitter

New Galaxy S III Phone Is Bigger And Smarter For New Generation


The New Generation’s Phone Galaxy S III Phone

In a press conference in London on Thursday, it published described as a “box,” in fact, Samsung’s impressive array of hardware and software enhancements that the company hopes will help to keep their rank as the best mobile phone manufacturers the world.
The biggest feature (literally), most consumers will find is an impressive 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen. That’s about half an inch larger than the Galaxy S II, and significantly higher than the 3.5-inch screen with high resolution on the Apple iPhone 4S. Despite the big screen, III S is actually a little thinner than the iPhone 4S (9.33mm vs 8.6 mm) and is slightly lighter (133 grams vs. 140 grams).
In addition to the screen that consumers tend to be more interested in the operating system of the Galaxy and S III, when it comes to iPhone OS from Apple, widely regarded as the leader, since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. The Galaxy S III is the so-called Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google Android OS (version 4.0). But are the features that Samsung has built on the top of the operating system, some common complaints about cell phone that could help chip away at Apple’s lead tackle Mindshare. For example:
“Very clever” is a problem for all mobile phone users have to be solved: the attenuation of the screen, if you want to stay in, for example, if an e-mail exchange with a friend. In the same way, gave up the phone and said, “Look at that,” the screen dims as part of their routine energy savings. To make matters worse, go back to this e-mail is also required to enter a password to unlock the screen. With “very intelligent”, the phone uses to identify new Galaxy on camera when someone looking at the screen. If you see a face, the screen darkens.
Samsung also touts the “Voice S”, which it described as the intersection of the current state of the art in speech recognition and response.
During a demonstration with Samsung, as the driver of a car could be the phone, without running to the eyes from the road. Say “Hello Galaxy” puts the phone in a way to recognize voice commands. From there you can ask: “How’s the weather?” or say, “Take a picture.” (Of course, you have to look at the screen to see the result, or take a picture.)
Anyone who’s caught in a text conversation for a long time and thought, “This is ridiculous, I’ll call it,” appreciate what Samsung calls “Direct”. While SMS messages when you raise the phone to the ear, which is automatically selected the person to whom you are sending text messages.
“Smart Alerts” will help reduce the number of accidental calls important people in your contact list. If you leave the phone on the desk and never miss a call from your boss or wife, to return the phone and access to in your pocket will vibrate and display the missed calls.
“S beam” can tap into the owner of another Galaxy S III, the easy transfer of files or documents.
“Pop Up” allows the user to view a video while you surf the Internet or e-mail responses. The video is just a small box on all other running applications, as will be superimposed on the sample image in the image on a television.

As for the 8-megapixel camera, Samsung made a few improvements:

Zero delay from the time you touch the screen to take the picture.
The ability to take a picture and be ready to take another in less than 1 second
A burst mode, 3.3 frames recorded per second
The possibility of still images while shooting high definition video (very useful if you have ever tried to capture a child blowing out birthday candles too and you can not decide between a video and still).
There are also some clever tricks to expand the software as those pictures, you can use. If you make a flash photo, the phone will recommend that you think is the best quality, so you can discard the other. And if the picture is a group photo that includes people in your address book, can recognize the phone, their faces, and provide a copy of the image to send.

For the hardcore geeks phone, here are the specifications of another galaxy S III: The screen is 1280 x 720 pixels, HSPA + connectivity features, removable battery is 2100 mAh and is filled with a quad-core processor Exynos.

The phone comes in black or white and in three memory sizes (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) come with the ability to add memory via microSD card.

The company has not announced the prices known, but their high-end phones usually cost $ 200 to $ 250, signing a two-year contract. The 32GB and 64GB versions cost more. The Galaxy III goes on sale in Europe in late May and in the U.S. in June. However, a version of LTE in the U.S. is not expected until later in the summer.

Samsung also announced that non-carriers, but that usually makes its mobile phones available to the four companies in the U.S.