Users prefer the name “iPhone 3” to “New iPhone”

i pad 3Apple users, the technology community and even Internet search engines prefer the name iPad 3 compared to the name of “new iPhone”, and this has been shown since its launch.

The characteristics of the new iPhone is not what most surprised the experts and the community at large, but the lack of name of this new tablet, and everyone expected the output of “iPad 3”, and not just a “new iPhone” .

Apple explained why the new iPhone has no name, and this is because the company did not want to be predictable as well who want to unify the image of this device, like its Mac models

In terms of Google searches for the new Apple tablet, it was found that the most searched term in the last week was “iPad 3” followed by “iPad 2” and finally “new iPad”, this shows that users not completed convinced by the real name of this tablet, the report of 20minutes.

i pad

One of the problems began to emerge when the tablet has just been released, was how they could differentiate this new iPad if it was physically very similar to the iPad 2, and especially because I had no other name than “new iPhone”.

I think a few weeks after being released most of us we have become accustomed to the term “new iPad” as more users to complain, Apple will not do anything about it to change the name. You prefer to appoint or iPad3 New to iPad?.